As warmer weather approaches for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, there’s no better time to service your air conditioning system. Even the best air conditioners require service maintenance every now and then. If they’re left unattended, they’ll struggle to work properly which can lead to more frequent breakdowns or energy loss. To prepare for the seasonal shift and change in temperature, early springtime is recommended as the best time to have your AC tuned up and serviced. 

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Why Should I Get My AC Serviced After Wintertime?

Your AC unit may have been dormant for much of the winter, but as the warm spring weather approaches, these machines need to be tuned up before they’re used during the hottest months of the year. This puts HVAC technicians in high demand because they can inspect the unit for any issues and perform maintenance on it if necessary. 

By scheduling a professional maintenance service before hitting peak operation times, you guarantee yourself a more convenient appointment time and more peace of mind heading into the warmer months. You’ll be able to prepare your AC unit more reliably for the summer and deal with any post-winter repairs that could cause further damage or inconvenience. It’s a preventative approach that lets you schedule things ahead of time and take a proactive attitude towards your AC. 

Servicing your AC after winter can also help to reduce your home’s overall energy bills by up to 20%. With regular checks and maintenance performed by a technician, your AC unit will be able to work smoothly and reliably during the hot summer months. If the machine is neglected and builds up dust or debris, it can lead to more costly repairs. With preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid and limit constant repairs and work your AC like normal. 

Lastly, AC maintenance can also extend the unit’s efficiency and lifespan. The average air conditioner can last for about 15 years, with an additional 5 years added if the necessary precautions are taken. Otherwise, you may experience a big shutdown or breakdown of the unit around its 10th year. By providing routine maintenance or even replacing your older AC unit with a newer model, your home’s efficiency rate will improve, helping you save more money and energy. 

What Does An AC Tune-up Include?

The return on investment of an AC tuneup far outweighs any initial costs involved. In addition to helping you avoid costly repairs or replacements, tune-ups on your AC unit will help it run more efficiently and safely. It also increases your overall level of comfort during the warm spring weather. 

In the tune-up process itself, some of the steps taken can often include a comprehensive cleaning of the unit’s condenser coils to increase its efficiency and durability. A technician may also evaluate the coolant level of the unit to help maintain peak operating performances when in use. In this case, they may lubricate all the moving parts to eliminate friction and gradual damage that can increase energy costs. 

The AC technician will also run a full calibration of your HVAC system’s thermostat to verify its proper operation. This ensures that the thermostat device is accurately delivering the right temperature levels to your room when prompted. If something is amiss here, the technician will make sure to recalibrate or re-program the thermostat.

Other common steps involved in an AC tune-up can include ductwork inspection/cleaning, tightening electrical connections, blower motor evaluation, and airflow checks. A good technician will call attention to some of these issues and address them accordingly. 

How Often Should I Get My AC Serviced?

An annual checkup or maintenance schedule of at least once or twice a year is recommended for AC units, usually around the spring or early fall. This can be done in conjunction with your furnace unit since it’s connected with your overall HVAC system. This will give your technician enough time to check if your AC is in good shape and working as it should. Regular tune-ups for your AC before spring will ensure it can handle the humidity and heat involved. 

If you find your AC unit is in need of more frequent service maintenance and repairs, then it may be time to replace the unit’s old parts or replace it with a newer model. Consider contacting Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today to get your air conditioning unit ready for spring now!