Canadian weather can sometimes take us on a wild journey – one moment it can be below freezing, while another can be scorching hot. We are your reliable AC company in Hamilton and the surrounding area that can help keep your home comfortable all year round. Our Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program in Hamilton can give you the perfect AC system for your home while rewarding you through instantly putting money back in your wallet!

You’re probably wondering if you should start your air conditioner for the summer season, and we can help you pick a reliable system and provide you with the best air conditioner prices in Windsor. We have your ultimate guide on how you can prepare your air conditioner for the summer, and how you can save money on your cooling bills!

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What steps do I have to take before I turn on my AC for the summer?

If you forget to take these measures before you turn your AC back on for the summer, you may be paying more to replace your unit or to get additional maintenance. We want you to have a comfortable summer, not an expensive one!

There are some essential steps to prepare your AC unit for the hot weather which include:


What do I do when it’s time to turn on my AC?

So you went through the above checklist and are now ready to turn on your AC system for the summer.

  1. Decrease the temperature on your thermostat to your elite level and the system ‘on’ at the thermostat.
  2. Next, listen to the fan in the condenser and make sure that it’s not making any funny noises. Any irregular noises can mean that there might be something wrong with the unit and call a technician for an inspection.
  3. Let the system run for 20 minutes and see if you’re experiencing cool air circulating in your home. If there are any inconsistencies, ensure you call one of our professional technicians to fix the problem!


Get your AC system ready for the summer heat with our reliable AC company in Hamilton!

The last thing you want on a sticky summer day is to rely on your AC and nothing happens. Prepare your air conditioner before turning it on, and guarantee that you have a fantastic summer ahead of you! 

We’re available 24/7 for all your AC repairs and emergencies, and you can trust us to enhance your home’s comfort to the next level!