During hot summers, households across Southern Ontario will use their air conditioning units to cool down their rooms. However, with constant use, you risk gradually wearing down the efficiency of your AC unit and it may be time to possibly replace or repair it. If you need reliable HVAC repair in Windsor, Constant Home Comfort can provide meaningful assistance. 

As a reputable Lennox AC dealer in Hamilton, we want to provide you with some useful insights before thinking of replacing or repairing your AC unit for the summer. We’ll go over when you should replace it, the signs that it needs to be repaired, and how often it should undergo maintenance. We’ll also detail the reason why an efficient AC unit will save you more money in the long run. 


When You Should Replace Your AC Unit

A good time to explore the idea of replacing or repairing your AC unit is gauging its mileage and years of service. While older air conditioning machines can still work, their energy efficiency and cooling effectiveness can’t compete with newer models on the market. Technicians agree that the average lifespan of a well-functioning AC unit is around 10-15 years. They can work even longer if the unit is well maintained and repaired properly. You should consider repairs or replacements sometime around the decade mark because, eventually, the unit won’t work as well. 

If you have been looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency, start by examining your energy bills. If there is a recent spike in how much you’re paying monthly, it may be time to replace that older AC unit because older models work harder than newer machines. A newer air conditioning unit is built with updated technology and functions well for the environment because it uses less energy than its predecessors. 


Signs That Your AC Unit Needs Repair 

We’ve mentioned before that when your energy bills are rising each month, it’s a sure sign you may need to replace your AC unit. However, there are smaller signs present throughout your house that demonstrate your unit either needs to be repaired or replaced completely. 

A common signal of repair is the frequency of The Four D’s appearing in your home: dust, debris, dirt, and dander. A proper HVAC unit in your home also works as a ventilation system to keep these things out of your home, especially if you or someone has a condition such as asthma. These units also keep the humidity levels to a low level in your home. 

Other signs your AC unit may need a repair are if you’re hearing strange noises or smelling strange odours. An effective air conditioner will run quietly while cooling the rooms in your home. If you hear any squealing or grinding, you may need to have a technician inspect it for any breakdowns. The same can be said for smells, as it could be an issue related to burning dust or wiring being melted off. 

Regardless, you want to be proactive and have someone inspect your AC unit to see if parts need to be fixed or replaced. Otherwise, replacing your AC unit completely may be the option to go if you want to save more money for the long term. 


Efficient AC Units Will Save You Money

While the price and installation of a newer AC unit is an investment, the eventual gains will be beneficial for your carbon footprint and savings in the long run. As mentioned previously having an energy-efficient AC unit in your home will result in lower energy bills because of their energy efficiency. You’ll also deal with less upkeep and repairs as newer models can last a good decade or longer. 

Let’s use the Lennox system as an example. The Lennox boasts an outstanding home cooling system that provides pure, fresh air to silently waft through your home. Its dual-fuel and mini-split system allows for maximum ease and efficiency of cool air in your home. It also has an advanced zoning system to let you easily control the temperature and a reliable warranty (depending on the unit purchased) as added insurance. 


How Often Should You Get Your AC Repaired

If you’ve chosen to install an air conditioning unit like the Lennox, then you may not need to get it repaired as often as an older model. If you’re experiencing any of the signs we’ve described above, then definitely book a consultation with our professional technicians. Constant Home Comfort Hamilton is always here to help and answer your questions!

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