The most important part of keeping your household warm throughout the winter is a good HVAC furnace system. Right around the start of winter, many homeowners are booking appointments with service technicians to make sure the furnaces are working properly. They’ll identify what needs to be repaired, address maintenance issues, and reduce the chances of a carbon monoxide leak. Excellent HVAC repair can go a long way in making sure your furnace keeps your home warm at night and Constant Home Comfort Hamilton will gladly help out. 

We’re a professional service with a team of specialized technicians providing homeowners with 24/7 furnace repair and installation. We know what to do if your HVAC system is acting irregularly and help your furnace perform at its best. Wintertime is an especially busy season where most households rely on home heating to stay warm. 

We’ll go over what to do if your furnace suddenly stops working in the winter and tips on winterizing your furnace unit to avoid it from happening. We’ll also explain why you should get your furnace checked by a technician as regularly as you can. 

What Do I Do If My Furnace Stops Working In The Winter?

If your furnace isn’t working properly in the winter, you can take a few steps yourself to find out what’s wrong. Otherwise, we highly recommend calling in one of our experienced technicians to assist you in resolving your furnace’s issues. 

If the furnace is on but isn’t blowing heat as much as it did, you may need to clean or change the furnace’s air filters. It could be clogged with trapped dirt, dust, and debris that gradually restricts or blocks airflow from circulating properly, leading to the heat exchanger overheating. As a result, your furnace won’t work as efficiently and your rooms will be left out cold. To protect your air filters, you can check them every month and change them every three months at the start of winter or spring. 

A dirty or clogged air filter will hinder your indoor air quality and make your furnace work harder. This, in turn, produces more wasted energy, leading to rising monthly bills each month. It also increases the chances of a furnace breakdown and shortens its lifespan of it. 

To avoid having to replace parts of your furnace or the equipment altogether, you can also do a simple visual inspection. Look out for any black soot or residue from furnace combustion on or near your furnace. Afterwards, use a broom or small portable vacuum to clean up and remove anything near the furnace equipment. 

Before operating your furnace during the winter, let’s explore how you can start winterizing it ahead of time. 

How Do I Winterize My Furnace?

The first step to winterizing your furnace is to check your thermostat at the beginning of each winter and make adjustments as needed. Thermostat batteries can deplete over the year, so ensure that it’s working properly and triggering your furnace to start heating. The thermostat serves as the control center of your HVAC heating system, so if a problem occurs, it affects your entire household and needs to be fixed right away. 

If your thermostat is in proper working order, it won’t have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. To check if it’s properly distributing heat, set your thermostat to heat instead of cool, then set the temperature 5 degrees above room temperature. This step often involves reprogramming your thermostat by setting a program that fits your schedule during the cold months and the switch from daylight savings. 

Another way of winterizing your furnace is by making sure your air ducts are clean. Hot air can be blocked if the air vents are clogged with dirt and dust. If you find some rooms in your home are still cold, it could be because of leaking or improperly designed air ducts. Additionally, move away furniture or objects like drapes, plants, sofas, and rugs near vents to ensure proper circulation. 

If the vents and ducts are cleared out, pathogens such as pollen, mould, pet dander, and other airborne particles will stick around all over the place. A professional service technician can help you clean your air ducts and vents at least once a year. This makes sure your home is safely heated and has clean air quality. 

Why Should I Get My Furnace Checked By A Professional Technician Regularly?

If you’ve done everything you can and encounter issues beyond your skillset, it’s time to call Constant Home Comfort’s certified service technicians. They’re expertly trained to spot furnace issues and provide helpful repairs if needed. They’ll save you valuable time, money, and frustration and you’ll be able to have more peace of mind in your warm home. 

Make surveyor homes stay warm during the winter by contacting Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today! We provide routine HVAC maintenance and installation services for homeowners.