Your air conditioning unit is an important piece of equipment for your home because it helps deliver cool air during those sweltering, summer months. However, there are instances when it may not be working properly when it doesn’t completely cool your home. It’s a bigger problem if your AC unit is only blowing out warm air. That’s where a reliable team of HVAC specialists and contractors can use their expertise to repair and provide effective maintenance on your AC unit. 

At Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we’re one of the best AC companies that provide AC installation for homeowners looking to keep their homes cool during the summer. Whether it’s routine repairs you need or a completely new AC unit replacement, we’ll provide the best customer service for your home’s heating and cooling needs every year. We also offer homeowners special energy rebates and grants worth up to $5000, as well as EnerGuide evaluations valued at upwards of $600. 

Your HVAC unit is an essential feature of your home that helps your AC deliver cool, comfortable air throughout your home. Contact our Constant Home Comfort Hamilton team today to optimize your AC unit for the warmer weather!

How Do I Adjust My HVAC for Summer?

For your HVAC system and AC unit, the ideal temperature range should be between 22-26°C during the summer season. This is a not too hot, not too cold level that provides just the right amount of comfortability. Naturally, this requires you to adjust your overall HVAC system for your home. 

One of the best ways to apply this adjustment is by installing smart thermostats in your home. Research has shown that for each degree you raise your thermostat, you can save around 3-5% on your home’s cooling costs. Smart thermostats help your AC unit be more energy-efficient and limit your monthly energy bills. Proactively use your smart thermostat to increase your temperature at first before allowing the automatic programming to cool things down an hour before you get home. 

You should always check your thermostat and adjust it accordingly if your AC is not working properly. Make sure the device is set to cool by switching it off first, then gradually letting it get colder. You should wait a few minutes until you hear the AC unit start-up and check for any cool air to blow out. If it doesn’t work, then you may need someone to help you repair it. 

One thing to consider, however, is whether or not you should turn off your AC when it’s not cooling properly. 

Should I Turn Off My AC If It’s Not Cooling?

If your AC unit is not cooling and working as it should, you should always turn it off completely to avoid further damage. This is because the AC may have a blown capacitor, which is the driving part of the HVAC unit. It’s one of the most common repairs for the equipment and can be simple and inexpensive to deal with. That being said, if you continue to run an AC with a defective capacitor, it puts more stress on the system. Additionally, it can also overload the outdoor fan motor and compressor with high temperatures. As such, avoid resetting the AC’s breaker system to prevent more serious issues from affecting your equipment. 

To keep your AC unit in top condition, consider not shutting it off completely when you’re not home and allowing the smart thermostat system to automatically adjust it for you. While the popular belief is that it may help you save money, your AC will have to work harder when it’s turned on again to set the ideal temperature. It also increases your home’s humidity and makes your home more moist and undesirable. 

If your AC isn’t working properly, contact us so that we can provide an extensive inspection and maintenance, if needed. Don’t let it run when it’s not in top form because you’ll cause further, more serious damage to the unit. This brings us to our next topic, which is if you should fix your AC unit yourself if it doesn’t deliver cool air. 

How Do I Fix My AC Unit If It’s Not Cooling?

Ideally, you should avoid trying to fix your AC unit yourself and have one of our Constant Home Comfort technicians handle it for you. They’re professionally trained and experienced to provide extensive maintenance on your AC and overall HVAC systems within your home. They also have the right tools to perform these repairs in the first place. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today to have one of our contractors perform maintenance on your AC unit. Work with us now to see if your home is eligible for special energy rebates you can use towards monthly energy savings or a new AC.