Your air conditioner system is an important piece of equipment for your home, especially during those sweltering hot summer days. Like any machine, however, it can break down and stop working for a variety of reasons. Rather than try to dangerously repair the unit yourself, have an experienced air conditioning repair technician help you go over the cause of the breakdown and provide solutions at a relatively low price. 

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Why Did My AC Suddenly Stop Working?

When your AC suddenly stops working, a variety of factors can be at play that is causing the issue. If you suspect the AC unit isn’t working properly, our technicians will make sure it’s receiving power at its electrical panel and rest the equipment’s switches or overloads. You should also check the thermostat settings and condensate overflow switch. If everything is right, you can also check the AC’s capacitor and contactor in the compressor area. 

If your AC doesn’t turn on at all, make sure the AC’s air filters are clean of dirt dust, or any other waste that can build up there. You should also check the thermostat and if the circuit breaker may have tripped. An experienced technician will also make sure the AC shutoff switch hasn’t been activated and will help drain out the pain underneath the unit. If the pan is full of water or clogged, it could trigger the AC to shut down automatically. 

Broken ACs can also be a result of compressor failure that starts shaking, blowing out warm air, frequently shuts off, and makes strange noises when it runs. If the issue is the compressor, it won’t cost that much to fix, as technicians may expect to deal with the problem constantly. 

Another reason why your AC may not be working is if there’s a dirty coil. There are two coils inside and outside the unit. Part of the AC maintenance should involve cleaning these coils to ensure they operate at peak function. If these coils are uncleaned, the system won’t be able to cool your rooms properly and you need the AC to circulate efficiently in your home. 

Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

One common issue of a broken AC is when the unit blows out hot air. This can be troubling, especially if it’s a hot day outside. The reason why warm air is coming from your AC may be because a vent is closed or the thermostat needs tweaking. 

It may also be because the AC unit has low levels of refrigerant in its equipment. Refrigerant helps the unit transform and blow out regular air to cool air. This fluid can leak out at certain times, causing issues with the fan as well. Without refrigerant, your AC will continue to warm up your home during summer and not operate normally. 

If you’re constantly running into issues with your AC, there is a great way to get it working again. 

How Do I Get My AC To Work Again?

Air conditioning issues can vary, but one of the best ways to get them working again is by calling a certified HVAC technician. These technicians are highly qualified and experienced specialists who can inspect your AC unit, determine the exact cause, and provide helpful solutions. With their extensive help, our technicians can help you get cool air running out of your AC unit in no time. 

If possible, make sure your thermostat and refrigerant levels in your AC are in great condition. To restart your AC unit, you can also unplug the device or restart the system if you run into more issues. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today to start getting your AC running again. Work with our team of technicians now to keep your home comfortable and cool all throughout the summer.