Your air conditioning unit is an important piece of equipment for your home because it helps deliver cool air during those sweltering, summer months. However, there are instances when it may not be working properly when it doesn’t completely cool your home. It’s a bigger problem if your AC unit is only blowing out warm air. That’s where a reliable team of HVAC specialists and contractors can use their expertise to repair and provide effective maintenance on your AC unit. 

If you need your air conditioning equipment replaced or repaired, contact Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today for a free quote with affordable financial plans available for any project. Our team will ensure your home has peak comfort levels through consistent AC maintenance to keep allergens out. 

What Is The Most Common AC Repair?

The most common AC repair technicians have to deal with are refrigerant leaks. A unit can’t work properly without the right amount of refrigerant installed. The refrigerant levels will decrease when the AC’s compressor has a leak, stopping the consistent flow of cool air. Once refrigerant levels are replenished and the leaks are repaired, the AC can work well again. 

Other common repairs most often deal with inadequate maintenance of the AC unit itself. This includes replacing capacitors, which help your AC start and run and can need constant replacement. The capacitors can heat up the motors and decrease their lifespan. The technician will also clean the AC’s indoor and outdoor coils that can collect an excessive amount of dirt, dust, and lint. These coils should be checked as often as possible to make sure there’s no corrosion or rust, helping you avoid leaks. 

The AC’s compression should also be fixed or replaced if it isn’t working properly. Wear and tear can gradually break down the equipment because of the strain that comes from the other AC parts. 

Lastly, the AC’s condensation drain should also be drained out to ensure no further repairs are needed. Excess water or condensation can overflow and wreak havoc on the AC. Units will often have condensation drain hoses to direct extra water to a floor drain or outside your home. Make sure these hoses aren’t blocked by algae or mould growth to ensure proper drainage. 

Technicians will also help you resolve the common issue of your AC not blowing out cold air at a consistent rate. 

How Do I Fix My AC Unit If It’s Not Cooling?

Ideally, you should avoid trying to fix your AC unit yourself and have one of our Constant Home Comfort technicians handle it for you. They’re professionally trained and experienced to provide extensive maintenance on your AC and overall HVAC systems within your home. They also have the right tools to perform these repairs in the first place. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today to have one of our contractors perform maintenance on your AC unit. Work with us now to see if your home is eligible for special energy rebates you can use towards monthly energy savings or a new AC.


How Long Does It Take To Fix A Broken Air Conditioner?

On average, it can take between 4 to 8 hours to repair and/or replace an air conditioner unit in full. The length of repair time will obviously vary depending on the size of the AC unit, the area and width of your home, the location the AC unit is installed, and the technicians you’re hiring. Thankfully, with Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, you can be assured that we’ll provide fast and reliable service and repair your broken AC in a matter of a few hours. Moreover, we’ll take time to thoroughly inspect all its parts and ensure nothing is left unaccounted for. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort Hamilton today to book an appointment with one of our technicians. We provide fast, reliable, and affordable AC unit repair and installation. We’ll also help you take advantage of beneficial energy rebates that will help you save on your monthly energy bills.