Colder weather is just around the corner and having a durable furnace can provide much-needed warmth throughout your home. Like other functional devices for your home, your furnace needs as much maintenance and checkup as any other functional appliance. Constant Home Comfort Hamilton offers same-day furnace services in Hamilton to prepare you for the incoming winter. 

As an experienced furnace contractor in Hamilton, our team is ready to help homeowners prepare their furnaces for any cold weather and check that they’re operating properly. We’ll go over how long it takes to install a furnace, why you should get it inspected yearly, and what you can to prepare for an inspection. 


How Long Does it Take to Install a Furnace?

Furnace installation in a residential home can take up to around 4-8 hours to complete fully. It depends on the complexity of the job and how intricate your furnace is. More time may be needed to account for ductwork, electrical, or gas line modifications to make sure your home matches the newly installed equipment. 

Before installation, detailed measurements are taken to ensure your home has more efficiency and comfortability associated with your furnace. Choosing the right size and power level of your furnace will go a long way in making sure it runs effectively and efficiently. 


Why Should I Get My Furnace Inspected On A Yearly Basis?

You should get yearly inspections of your furnace for a variety of reasons. One important reason is to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned, as dust and debris can build up in the unit and damage its components – this can prevent your furnace from removing bad contaminants and pollutants and reduces the overall air quality. Moreover, it will cost you more unnecessary repairs. 

Inspections can also help prevent carbon monoxide leaks in your home. Since the gas is odourless and hard to detect, it can lead to serious health issues or death if not detected from potential furnace leaks. An experienced technician will check for any cracks that may cause this issue as they service your furnace. 

One of the main reasons why you should get your furnace inspected at least once a year is that it helps keep the unit functioning longer. A total replacement of your furnace can set you back for thousands of dollars. With frequent use comes the frequent breakdown of a machine so it’s imperative to have it inspected to make sure the proper maintenance steps are taken. By taking the time to have it inspected, you are being proactive in making sure your furnace is operating at its best in the ever-changing Canadian climates. 


What Can I Do To Prepare for My Furnace Inspection?

Since we offer same-day furnace services, maintenance starts on the day we arrive. In our usual checkups, we’ll take detailed measurements of your home and evaluate how effective the furnace is heating certain areas. If you can, please make sure your furnace is cleaned out of any dust or debris. If you’re not comfortable with this, our technicians can help you out. 

During the inspection, we’ll also check to make sure there are no cracks or leaks where gases or water can come out. Depending on the furnace or any damages it has suffered, the technician will make the necessary fixes with certain parts. 

If you’d like to schedule your furnace inspection today, call us now at (289)-802-1088 or contact us HERE if you have more questions.