Winter is approaching fast on the heels of autumn; now that October is here, it’s only a matter of time before our daily temperatures dip into the negatives and you find yourself feeling chilly indoors and out. If you have had any reason to second-guess the efficacy of your current furnace, now is the right time to ask yourself this question: Why should you replace your furnace? Is your home furnace on the decline or is it aging out of its usefulness? We offer services such as heating replacement in Hamilton, Ontario, and our technicians are ready and waiting to provide you with top-down service of your HVAC system. 

The middle of winter, after all, is perhaps the worst possible time for any homeowner to have to tackle a furnace repair or replacement. No one enjoys going without heat in the middle of Ontario’s coldest months of the year. Here in Hamilton, we understand that more than most, owing to our decades of experience and expertise. 

Oftentimes, people think to themselves that it’s possible to get away with putting off a repair or replacement for a system that’s limping along or in its final years, but they do not stop to consider: what if it breaks down in the middle of winter? If your furnace quits, you won’t have heat. 

If your furnace is or nearing 20 years old, it might be better to replace it before problems begin to arise so that it doesn’t fail on the coldest day of the year.
When your system gives out when it’s 0 degrees out, you’ll find you are no longer in a position to comfortably shop around, consider options, or make a planned purchasing decision – you’ll find yourself forced into a corner and facing down the scenario of “What can I get?” opposed to “What do I want?” 

Put your HVAC maintenance, repair, and care in our hands. With generous rebates and energy savings programs, we can have you set up with a brand new Lennox system far before any problems arise within your home. 

A considerable percentage of homeowners have not looked into the basic cost of installing a furnace. As the seasons change, this is information that many will find themselves needing soon. Consider the above scenario we have discussed and the implications of harsh winter weather. In short, furnace season is here again, and we’re encouraging homeowners in the Hamilton region with aging or failing HVAC systems to act fast.

How much will installing a furnace cost in Ontario? What is the market rate for furnace installation? Is the price of a new system worth it?
These are possible questions that may trouble you, especially if your HVAC is faulty or aging out. 

There are a number of factors that come together in helping you determine the cost of installing a new furnace in Ontario. Some include the speed of the unit, lifestyle of residents in the home, ideal brand unit, and the number of people occupying the residence. 

Other questions may include: the current type of installation and the age of the existing ductwork. One of the most common questions is the furnace type; is it electric, gas, solar? The blueprints of your property may help you determine what type of furnace is best for your home.

There often is no one clear-cut answer for the question of how much a furnace installation project will cost. The expected running cost of installation and equipment depends on several factors. Over several decades we have prided ourselves on being a support system to homeowners looking to replace their HVAC or install new systems. We help customers understand what goes into installing a furnace in the Hamilton region of Ontario.

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