As its name suggests, a boiler boils hot water that circulates through your home’s pipes, transforming that into heat at key area points. It’s an often overlooked, but important part of your overall HVAC system and can gradually wear down throughout the years. To ensure peak performance during winter and keep your furnace running, rely on Constant Home Comfort’s boiler contractors in Hamilton and service your boiler in the fall. It’s also a great time to receive HVAC repairs in Windsor and the most affordable boiler maintenance for the season. 

We’ll analyze why a boiler maintenance service is necessary for your home and why you shouldn’t service it yourself. Moreover, we’ll go over how frequent boiler maintenance can be a great preventative measure to avoid bigger problems down the road. 


Why Is A Boiler Service Necessary?

Let’s begin by going over why boiler servicing is necessary. When you book a professional technician to inspect and maintain your boiler, you are saving on energy costs, protecting your home against safety hazards, and giving your equipment a longer lifespan, leading to fewer repairs later on. 

A boiler system is very durable and can work for many years without breaking. With regular maintenance and inspections, they should work with no issues. However, since the process involves heating water, the boiler can corrode or rust and build up sediment, residue, and waste on the bottom which needs to be flushed out periodically to avoid the boiler from deteriorating. 

Although boilers are created to withstand corrosion for long periods of time, neglecting maintenance can let them rust much earlier and create potential leaks. If a leak does occur, the hot air doesn’t circulate as much, making your boiler work harder to deliver it throughout the home. When this happens, you’ll need to replace the tank completely, which is more expensive than servicing it. 

Overall, regular maintenance and inspection of your boiler helps prevent serious damage and corrosion. It can keep itself running for many years, even decades if proper care is taken but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do these fixes yourself. 


Can I Service My Own Boiler?

We strongly recommend against servicing your own boiler. It’s unsafe to fix it yourself because of the hazard of carbon monoxide gas being released into your home. If you have no idea what you are fixing, you could accidentally damage parts of your boiler or hurt yourself in the process. Moreover, the gases released are flammable and you would need experienced certification to know how to properly deal with them. 

Our trusted and reliable service technicians can provide effective boiler maintenance for your home and survey any damaged parts that need to be fixed or replaced. They know exactly what to inspect and look for during their visits and will take the appropriate actions if necessary. 


How Can Frequent Boiler Maintenance Serve As Preventative Maintenance?

When you have one of our technicians provide boiler maintenance for your home, you’re taking great preventative measures to prepare for the cold winter. It’s important you have it serviced and maintained in the fall because it’s a transitional time where demand is low. People usually book their HVAC technicians closer to wintertime, but when you schedule it in autumn, you’re saving yourself time. 

Additionally, it’s also the perfect time to check if your boiler is rusted or corroded because you’re not using it as often as when you’re in the middle of winter. We recommend having your boiler checked by a professional before you use it at its peak time because it can prevent breakdowns from happening. Your boiler will then deliver all the heat you need to survive a cold winter. 

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