Heat pumps are electrically powered machines that extract heat from a lower temperature area and move it to a higher temperature area. They are used to regulate the temperature of individual rooms or spaces in your home, providing optimal comfort throughout the year. At Constant Home Comfort, we help you determine the economic advantages of using heat pumps in your region. Although heat pumps can be more costly than other heating systems due to the various components needed in the system, taking advantage of our heat pump rebate offers is a wise financial decision which allows you to save.

Heat pumps are more energy-efficient compared to furnaces and central air conditioners for several reasons. The primary factor is that heat pumps transfer warm or cool air from one part of your home to another instead of changing the temperature of the air already inside. This heat transfer method is significantly more efficient than simply heating or cooling the air in your home. When a heat pump is in cooling mode it extracts heat from warm air inside your home and releases it outside, into the atmosphere. When your home is being heated the heat pump takes cooler air from outside, warms it, and releases it into your home. In both cases, the heat pump uses the existing heat in the air to provide heating or cooling power without unnecessarily heating or cooling the air. This results in remarkable efficiency.

Heat Pump Rebates
Heat pump rebates can help recoup the additional expenses associated with purchasing and installing a heat pump system and provide substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) savings in a short period through reductions in energy costs. Contact our energy advisor at Constant Home Comfort to determine the costs and savings associated with investing in a heat pump.
Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant have teamed up to provide rebates for eligible retrofits including home insulation, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems. The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program will assist more Ontarians in reducing energy consumption at home. This is great news for Ontario residents, including current Enbridge Gas customers who heat their homes using natural gas. You may be eligible for increased rebates of up to $10,000. Participants can also save money on their EnerGuide home evaluation by receiving an additional rebate of $600.

Right now there are rebates available for the installation of ductless heating and cooling systems that can save you between $2,500 and $10,600. By installing ductless systems, you can achieve the perfect temperature while saving money. Contact us at Constant Home Comfort today to install your ductless systems or to learn more through our 24/7 online chat service.

Lennox Heat Pumps
At Constant Home Comfort, we offer Lennox heat pumps, which are among the most efficient heat pumps on the market today. Lennox heat pumps are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home while effectively managing temperature and humidity levels with minimal energy usage. They function as an all-in-one heating and cooling system, by moving heat from inside your house during hot periods and cooling your home like an air conditioner. During colder months, this process is reversed. Lennox heat pumps operate quietly, without causing any disturbances in your home. They provide industry-leading efficiencies of up to 23.50 SEER and 10.20 HSPF, which can lead to significant savings on your utility bills. Our HVAC professionals are trained to work at your convenience and ensure that your new Lennox HVAC product is installed according to your schedule.

Save Your Money And The Environment
In Canada, more than 60% of the energy used in an average home is consumed by space heating, given the cold climate. To reduce your utility bill and lower your carbon footprint, it is recommended to switch to energy-efficient heating equipment. It’s important to remember that the cost of operating a product over its lifespan is just as important as its purchase price.

Constant Home Comfort is committed to offering prompt, reliable, and affordable services. With so many heat pump brands available, it can be difficult to compare and prioritize important features. We are available to assist you in making the right decisions and guiding you through the rebate application process. There’s never been a better time to invest in improving the comfort of your home. Contact Constant Home Comfort today at 289-802-1088 to get started.