Do you know that the size of your home’s furnace significantly impacts your long-term energy bill throughout the year? Smaller furnaces can work at non-stop levels, making your home pretty uncomfortable while a large furnace may unevenly warm your home in certain areas. Although it’s possible you can get the right measurements of your furnace, a specialized furnace contractor can provide the most accurate estimates and provide recommendations on your next steps. 

The wonderful team at Constant Home Comfort Hamilton offers Ontario homeowners same-day furnace installation, summer cooling products, and furnace size calculations among other services. Our trained and experienced contractors will help you determine the right size furnace to install or replace within your home. We’ll detail why it’s essential to have a properly measured furnace in your home, how an HVAC expert can help you calculate the right sized furnace, and if a furnace can be too big for a home. 


Why Is It Essential To Have The Right-Sized Furnace For My Home?

It’s important to have the right-sized furnace installed in your home because it helps you save money on your monthly energy bills and keeps your home warm in the winter. If your furnace is a smaller unit, it can lead to higher energy bills, uneven heating between rooms, and a shorter lifespan because of all its hard production. On the other hand, a furnace that’s too large can make parts of your home unbearably hot while leaving other areas chilly. It constantly cycles in short bursts and could wear it out very quickly. 

That’s why it’s crucial to install the perfect furnace in your home. For regular homeowners, they may not have all the knowledge and experience to properly assess which HVAC is right for their home. A furnace that’s too powerful cycles irregularly and becomes problematic when it creates hot and cold zones within your home, decreases energy efficiency, and requires constant maintenance – a sign that the life of the furnace is running out. 

The disadvantages of an undersized furnace lie in its inability to rest at certain times, opting instead to provide heat non-stop. This can warm up your home to uncomfortable levels, leading to an increase in energy bills. Moreover, it’ll also run into maintenance issues and a shorter operational lifespan. 

Now that you have a sense of why it’s essential to have the right size furnace for your home, let’s go over how an HVAC expert can help you accurately calculate an HVAC unit’s dimensions. 


Why Should I Get An HVAC Expert To Calculate The Size Of The Furnace I Need?

If you take the time to do the research and are knowledgeable about HVAC units yourself, you theoretically could calculate the dimensions of the furnace yourself. However, recording your calculations and providing a rough estimate of the size of the furnace you can install comes with many variables. You may make a mistake adding up all the dimensions or incorrectly measuring the furnace unit. 

Whatever the case may be, our contractors are specially trained and experienced to do the calculations and measurements for you. We’ll be able to provide the most accurate numbers you need to help determine what kind of furnace your home needs. 

The first step involves calculating the total square footage of your house. How this is done is by adding up the area measurements of all your home’s rooms that you’d like to stay heated. Another factor to consider is the possibility that the ducts in your home don’t connect to your basement or attic. 

In order to measure the area of a rectangular room, you’ll need to multiply the length and width. For triangular rooms, multiply the length and width, then divide the answer by two. For unusually shaped spaces and rooms, divide them into smaller sections and measure each of them separately. Geographical factors of where your home is situated may also factor into the size of the furnace that works best in your home. 


Can A Furnace Be Too Big For A House?

Big furnaces may not be right for all types of homes. While it may function in others, it carries several of its own problems. For example, bigger HVAC units work in quick bursts, activating only when it gets cold to unevenly warm your rooms. They’re also less energy efficient, causing huge spikes in your energy bill, which leads to an overall shorter lifespan. Not to mention the constant maintenance issues you’ll have to deal with. 

A furnace with the right size for your home will heat your rooms gradually while keeping energy costs balanced. Each space should be warmed evenly and you won’t have to worry about a breakdown or cold spots. 

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